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8k miles an technology company focused on providing cloud based service

About 8k miles
8k miles, an technology company focused on providing cloud based service  and solutions to the clients. The group offers cloud consulting, engineering and migration services to help companies leverage the power of cloud computing. The group consults their customer’s features and benefits of using cloud based computing. 8k miles is an amazon web services system integrator. We can even call 8k miles, a brand ambassador who promotes the idea of investing on cloud.
Services offered by 8k miles
8k miles, the cloud based solution providers, suggests amazon web service platform. 8k miles creates value to the customers by offering cloud consulting and infrastructure management services with Amazon a web service who offers on demand virtual cloud infrastructure with web service.
Their Cloud consulting service include Architect solutions using AWS,strategy and roadmap for cloud adoption, Designs public, virtual private and hybrid clouds.
Their Cloud migration service offer Auto scaling and load balancing solutions, Backup & disaster recovery solutions,Geo distributed web infrastructure solutions, Monitoring and storage solutions, Assistance on Production and test infrastructure set-up.
Under Cloud engineering they Provide customized cloud applications and tools ,Application integration with amazon web services
USP’s of 8k miles
8K Miles is the only company which has been dedicated to provide cloud based solutions to the clients. They are certified partner of Amazon system integrations. 8k miles has a unique of way of executing things, be it customer service, be it consulting, be it bringing new ideas and promotion of those ideas.
They stands out among the cloud computing service because of their expertise knowledge in cloud solution design and migration
They have migrated more than hundreds of servers to cloud for startups, small business and enterprises.
In-depth understanding of cloud solution and infrastructure is their core competency.



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