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XY Consulting bridging between Europe and India

The ties between India and Europe have been one of the many world renowned business ties in the history of mankind. Right from the 17th century, when East India Company came from sea and started trading in Surat, till now when the latest mergers and set ups have been taking place in the Indo-European market, the union has been noteworthy in both terms of monetary achievements as well as the skill development for parties of both sides. India has always been an object of affection for Europeans because Indian market was highly unexplored and with surplus amount of talent. But the cultural difference between the two continents made it difficult for the European players to venture into Indian market and expand. This, when others  saw it as a hindrance for expansion, Mr Charles Wilhem, of XY Europe Consulting, found an opportunity in the same. He understood the need to bridge the gap between Indian and European market and successfully started his consultancy on the same lines. With an expertise in handling people from both Europe and India, he has made Joint ventureship his forte. Being travelling to India for 27 years and having made around 250 visits to India, he understands the Indian market like only a few others and has been responsible for bringing in lot of foreign clients to India from different parts of Europe.
He first saw opportunity when India was waking up to the concept of liberalization under the leadership of Rajiv Gandhi was back in 1984. In no time, he brought in one of the earlier European companies which were component manufacturers in Watch industry. Soon after he presided over the joint venture of Mahle and Kirloskar Filters, a company called Kirloskar Knecht Filters Private Ltd., which after 7 years went completely to Mahle when they Kirloskar divested their stake, renamed MAHLE Filter Systems India. The Mahle Group later purchased Purolator Filters.
This 3man company which does their marketing by word-of-mouth and recommendation strategy has many famous names as their clients such as Mahle, Sonalika Tractors, Renault, Tesco, EDI, Dell’Orto, Bajaj, Etc. They basically work in the segment of mechanical engineering but also have proficiency in other verticals. They have been very effective in boosting the sales of Wincor Nixdor ATM machines in India.
Mr Charles has been a man with a diverse background and started his career as a wine taster; eventually having a seasoned spell with The Chamber of Commerce where he and his team were given the responsibility to generate business opportunities between Europe and China/india/Brazil and Mexico. After spending good amount of time there and boosting CoC, he started his own consulting firm envisioning the tie between European and Indian market and to boost them side by side. He was also the part of EU India Economic Cross Cultural Programme around a decade back and was one of the pioneers in taking forward the Indo-European ties of Tier 2 Tier 3 automotive companies
Consultancy Firms like his boost the economy of both countries and have the rest of the world asking for more. Who doesn’t like to have a Win-Win Situation!

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