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AmeexUSA a Content Management Systems leader

The people who proposed Greenwich Mean Time were a very intelligent group of men. They might even be a mystic group of people who understood the idea of people being different based on their placement of their abode in different time zones too. The sun has a different effect on people who live in the Eastern Hemisphere than on the people who receive the same sun twelve hours later in the western hemisphere.
Let’s take a survey in focus. A survey conducted in between Indians and Americans IT companies had a conclusion that if put in same situation, the people from different nationalities think almost completely opposite. If they have a product coming up, while the Indians look primarily for the monetary benefits and how much the budget and all will be incurred, the Americans look for the quality and how much they need to stretch to get that quality.
Both the scenarios has its pros and cons, but there are some companies that find themselves attracted towards the Indian idea while others like Mr. Damodaran and Mr Ranga Srinivasan found themselves attuned to the Western frame of mind.
After having a successful stint in big companies like Moneris Solutions; where he lead the product marketing for a project involving Royal Bank of Canada and The bank of Montreal, where he devised a strategy called Ethnic market sales wherein his team tapped Indian, Pakistan and Bangladesh market for the sales of their then product; and then after having spent six years as a Senior Software Engineer at Motorola Inc., Schaumburg, IL, he planned to return to India in late 2006 with a vision to start his own enterprise.
He and the second director Mr Ranga Srinivasan first started IT training, in association with Yashavant Kanetkar, a renowned author in the Indian computer science field, most popular book being the “Let us C”.
But then in late 2009, they completely closed training and started developing software and hence was born AmeexUSA.
They made Content Management Systems their forte and develop software only in that niche market. They always took care that quality shouldn’t be degraded over monetary confinement and hence found their thinking in favor more to the US market, with K7 Anti-virus Software Systems being their only Indian client till now.
They have never shifted their focus from CMS field especially on php and .net platform and hence have retained their standards since the inception of AmeexUSA, whether getting the right project even in the dearth of option when recession hit, to retain the trust and respect of their clients, or in training the right candidate, to screening them for right project, providing them a comfortable but aggressive environment to boost their competency level, letting them grow in their career with a room for lot of promotions and so, this company enjoys one of the lowest attrition rates in IT companies in Tamil Nadu and maybe even on a national market, the atmosphere brews of intelligence and innovative strategies.
Open source CMS vs proprietary CMS is a fight that is being fought since a long time now in Indian market and abroad with the Indian companies now opening up to the idea of Proprietary CMS and its advantages over open- source CMS, AmeexUSA is just taking a crouching stance in the Indian market.

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  1. Maadireddy says:

    I’m happy to be associated with Ameexusa..

  2. Ranga Srinivasan is truly a great Innovator and Entreprenuer. Good luck to him in all his Endeavours.

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